Tour in the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella

Land of great traditions and myths, the Sorrento Peninsula coast is, from a naturalistic point of view, one of the most beautiful and luxuriant stretches of the Italian coast , both for the terrestrial and underwater environment. The 40 km of coasts of the Peninsula represent a unique natural environment. The Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella was instituted in 1997 to protect and preserve the marine environment and the natural resources of the area.

A Unique Tour in the Siren Land

The territory of a Marine Protected Area is divided into areas with different degrees of protection.
Thanks to a special authorization granted by the M.P.A. Managing Body, we can access even the areas with the top degree of protection like Li Galli and Ieranto Bay (but not the Vervece Rock). 
The authorizathion allows us to access the yellow and red areas, navigate in them and stop in them using the M.P.A. buoys. 

It is a unique occasion to see up close the most beautiful places in the area and discover the most fascinating places of our land. 


Ieranto Bay

The only inlet at the end of Sorrento Peninsula, inspirations for myths and legends, it combines an astonishing natural beauty with historical vestiges like the ancient Saracen Guard Tower and remnants of industrial past when it was a stone quarry.

Li Galli ISlands

According to the myth it was here that the Sirens lived. In fact the former name of this little and enchanting archipelago was "Le Sirenuse". Li Galli are a real paradise, even if private: one of the first owners was Rudol'f Nureev, the famous ballet dancer.

Crapolla Fjord

Crapolla, with its unparalled charm, has always been a small fishermen village hiddenin the rocky coast. According to the legend was here that St Peter first landed in his way back from Jerusalem; and here he buit the first Christian church in the West.